Project and Program Management

What are the benefits of working with an IC Axon Project Manager?

Our team of Project and Program Managers is comprised of experienced staff who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality programs for our clients. We are a centre of excellence for effectively managing the development of clinically focused training programs by:

  • Creating project plans with numerous and various types of deliverables
  • Overseeing all aspects of a project to ensure it is completed on time and within budget, and meets or exceeds client expectations
  • Timely troubleshooting and problem solving when needed
  • Adapting processes to client-specific Medical and Regulatory review requirements

In-House Creative Design Expertise

How do visuals maximize learning engagement?

IC Axon’s award-winning visual communications team brings content to life with impactful graphics that maximize knowledge retention and learner engagement. Our accredited Medical Illustrator oversees clinical design accuracy of all images.

The team’s deep understanding of branding and marketing guidelines is an important facet to ensure compliance and seamless integration with each brand’s visual campaign.

Instructional and Technical Innovation

How do our design teams ensure instructional integrity and seamless technical integration?

Working together, the instructional design and development teams create programs with user-friendly interfaces that follow adult learning principles to effectively engage the learner. Our digital training tactics are built with a responsive design for laptop, iPad, and mobile devices, and are flexible to allow easy translation and localization. We build learning tactics that include:

  • Cohesive design to ensure learning synergy
  • Integrated communication and training plans
  • Engaging learning components
  • Collaborative virtual learning events
  • Impactful learning technologies
  • Integrated feedback and assessments

Deep In-House Clinical Knowledge

How do we leverage our deep clinical knowledge?

Our team of experts have created countless foundational learning modules for over 20 unique therapeutic areas covering the following topics:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Diagnosis and Management
  • Clinical Data
  • Competitive/Treatment Landscape
  • Patient and Physician Profiles

In addition to our clinical knowledge, our dedicated Referencing Systems Manager and our extensive experience with different client submission systems allows for a smooth review and approvals process from a compliance standpoint.

What are our top therapeutic areas?

Career Spotlight: A Day in the Life of a Medical Writer

Follow one of our medical writers to see firsthand how we work as a team and collaborate with our clients to deliver training materials that meet and exceed expectations.

Dedicated to Life Science Sales Training

What can IC Axon do for your training team?

We partner with our customers to ensure that we deliver the right solution at the right time to the right audience. IC Axon’s curriculum designs include a blend of print and digital pieces tailored to each client’s learning and deployment needs.  Our strategic service offerings include:

  • Curriculum analysis and design
  • Strategic planning and curriculum management
  • New Hire foundational, launch curriculum, and advanced product training
  • Print-based and digital home study modules
  • Live and virtual meetings
  • Selling skills training
  • Mobile learning strategies
  • Impact measurement
  • Assessment and coaching tools