Client testimonial #1

“What can I say… you all created amazing training for the team. The sessions were so well received by everyone. The simulations were amazing and the highlight of the week. It made the training even more engaging.”

– Associate Director

Client testimonial #2

“You moved mountains last week and today I thank you. I will keep you all in my mind as the template for the kind of agency I always hope to work with.”

– Global Marketing Manager

Client testimonial #3

“After reviewing the first module for Med/Reg submission I wanted to say that this is the best submission I have seen … All the references are provided, referencing is annotated perfectly, and the asset itself is very good.”

– Medical Reviewer

Client testimonial #4

“Thanks for your continued partnership and dedication to the curriculum. People are saying really great things about the work we are doing together. I hope you are as proud as we are.”

– Manager, Oncology

Manager, Creative Design and Medical Illustration

“I started my career at IC Axon in August of 2000 as the company’s medical illustrator – a job which was exciting and stimulating for me. Over the years, I grew, learned, developed and met many talented and interesting people. Eventually I became the Lead of the Graphics team, and later I transitioned to Manager of Creative Design and Medical Illustration. Being able to contribute to important decisions and directions within the company as we move forward is rewarding and keeps me challenged.”

– Manager, Creative Design and Medical Illustration

Learning Design Consultant

“I came back to IC Axon because I craved the challenge that working here brings. No other job pushes me to create, innovate and develop new ideas.  Add to the mix the breakthrough products that we support that are literally changing the clinical landscape, and I feel like I am part of something bigger than myself. It has been a truly rewarding experience.”

– Learning Design Consultant

Medical Editor

“IC Axon provides a clear and well-structured onboarding program that helps new employees transition into their role and into the industry. Continued on-the-job training provides the support for individuals to develop their strengths, address any knowledge gaps, and grow as they gain new skills and perspective.”

– Medical Editor

Project Manager

“Over the past three years, IC Axon has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in project management. I have been exposed to diverse projects and clients working alongside supportive colleagues from various educational and technical backgrounds. The level of camaraderie in the office is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  Teamwork at its best!”

– Project Manager

Senior Medical Writer

“One of our greatest strengths is the teamwork that prevails within the company. From the writers and editors to the instructional designers, project managers, graphic artists, and programmers, everyone pulls in the same direction. That’s how we deliver quality training materials to our many clients.

Science and creativity can coexist. Occasionally, our clients’ training needs require that we “think outside the box”. At IC Axon, I can help create and develop innovative training solutions for our clients.”

– Senior Medical Writer